we care for the planet


At Cambiaso Risso Marine, sustainability means caring for the planet, community, and governance. We’re plastic-free, clean seas, and empower our team for the future.


We care for the planet – we differentiate – we are plastic free – we clean the sea – we strengthen our people commitment in the heritage for the generation to come.


We care for our neighbour, we are involved in socially responsible projects, we fund educational programs for young people and offers healthcare assistance to the disadvantaged we promote and participate in sport and culture events


We are a family company and traditionally care for our people. Today we have a wide program of Welfare and education. In 2022 CR Laboratory, a body consisting of three permanent members (CFO, HR Manager and Corporate Communication Manager) and four members with annual term as employee representatives, has been established. The purpose of the Laboratory is to guarantee a space for discussion and dialogue in which employees can share ideas for improvement and critical issues found in the organisational and operational aspects to be submitted to Top Management: the capacity of listening to employees allows CR to be a good place to work.


In 2023 Cambiaso Risso presents its second Sustainability Report, certified by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC).

The involvement of employees in the company’s sustainability path is supported by numerous initiatives: clean seabed operation, employees volunteering initiatives, “CR Laboratory” activities: last but not least the proposal of a scholarship for employees’ children. The proposal, welcomed with enthusiasm by top management, will soon be implemented.


An ESG competition aimed at all employees has been launched for 2024: at the end of the year the best sustainability project will be rewarded with travel voucher for each member of the winning team.

The transversality of the teams between different offices of the network will be a source of scoring.