We Are CR


Our commitment for your career looks far away. We offer international opportunities and a solid education program. We care about your needs and your ambition: people are our pillar stone.

We are looking for dynamic, proactive, global mindset people, with a digital approach and open to change. We are looking for people who have the courage to set sail and never stop exploring because the sea never stands still, just like us.

Being part of Cambiaso Risso means being part of a family company, uphold the continuity that characterized our long history, defend our values, remember our past keeping our gaze to the future . Thanks to a real team work, we are able to offer young people concrete opportunities for growth and professional training.


At Cambiaso Risso, we understand that knowledge is the key to personal and professional growth. That’s why we proudly stand behind our Employees’ educational pursuits, fostering an environment where learning is not just encouraged but actively supported.

Through our commitment to Employee education, we provide resources for individuals looking to enhance their skills, pursue advanced degrees, or participate in specialized training. We believe that by supporting the education of our team members, we not only contribute to their individual success but also strengthen the collective knowledge base of our entire organization.

At Cambiaso Risso, we believe that a well-educated workforce is the foundation for a thriving and forward-thinking organization.


At Cambiaso Risso, we believe in the power of diverse perspectives, and what better way to embrace this than by allowing our colleagues to embark on a transformative up-to-six-month experience in one of our international offices?

The Erasmus Initiative is not just about changing locations; it’s about immersing in a new work culture, forging connections with colleagues from around the globe, and gaining invaluable insights that enrich both professional and personal journey.

The Erasmus Initiative at Cambiaso Risso is not just a program – it’s a chance to expand skills, build lasting relationships, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our global workforce.


“Always read, study and work with ethic and passion.
Think for yourself and learn to say no.
Be rebel for a good cause, protect nature and the weakest.
Don’t be conformist and never get on the winner’s wagon.
Be strong and free otherwise, when you will be old and weak,
you will regret mountains you didn’t climb
and battles you didn’t fight”.


First New Gen Meeting was held in Gressoney in 2023. All under 30 people coming from CR offices worldwide get together with CR tutors and external trainers and counselors. We had three day of workshops and outdoor climbing activities in a beneficial company environment. We learnt, got involved, collaborated. We saw a group of young men and women becoming a unique, strong, gentle, selfless, determined, smiling, vibrant vital entity.


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Please send your resumes to our Human Resources email for consideration: