Cambiaso Risso Group celebrates 70 years re-consolidating its activities

Cambiaso Risso Group, operating in marine insurance brokerage and Cambiaso & Risso Shipping Agency, traditionally offering services to tramp, cruising and yachting industries, strengthen their activities through a re-consolidation.

Following this operation the Group aims at optimizing the growth of both companies reconfirming its leadership in shipping and maritime services: CR global network is today able to take advantage of important synergies and remarkable economy of scale.
Cambiaso Risso Group, founded in 1946, has its headquarter in Genoa, the well known building of Corso Andrea Podestà, where it has been operating since the 60’s. The Group owns insurance branches in Naples, Monaco, London, Bergen, Athens, Istanbul and Singapore and, about what concerns shipping agency, it is present in many italian ports and in Monaco, Marseilles, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
The new company set up will allow to merge some foreign structures optimizing costs and to promote insurance and shipping agency activities in those offices still operating esclusively in one of the two fields.
The Group counts more than 200 employees whose over 100 people specifically dedicated to international activities through foreign offices.
A re-branding operation will see all insurance Group companies and affiliates represented by the traditional logo and by “Cambiaso Risso” business name while Shipping Agency will continue to operate through “CRShips” actual brand.
The partnership of the new established group head to Risso and Iguera families with the engagement of manager partners (Enrico Spechel/Nicola Garese/Gianpiero Priano) as far as insurance branch is concerned and to Ferrando family with regards to Shipping Agency.
Cambiaso Risso Group (insurance) closed 2015 with a premium income of USD 360 million, a net brokerage of USD 26million and a portfolio exceeding 5500 ships. Shipping Agency consolidated in 2015 a turnover of Euro 20 million with a net revenew of Euro 2.5 million resulting from 1400 calls operated through its offices worldwide.