The employees of CAMBIASO RISSO GROUP donate two new portable ultrasound systems to the interventional radiology unit of SAN MARTINO hospital in GENOA.

Thanks to the small size and the use of wireless probes, it will be possible to ensure greater safety for the patient and an extremely clean operating environment. The two new portable ultrasound systems will further enhance the diagnostic technology available to the hospital. Both of last generation, ultrasound scanners, thanks to their compact size and to the use of wireless probes, will allow better management of interventional radiology procedures (vascular accesses, surgical procedures for removing neoplasms, interventional maneuvers, etc.). The wireless ultrasound probe can be used even during interventional maneuvers without need to cover and disinfect cables, with a consequent reduction in the risk of contamination and greater safety for the patient. The portability of the instruments also allows their easy transfer even in different operating sites. Team spirit finds space in several initiatives born from the personal commitment of employees, as in the last case the Covid19 fundraising “Fight the virus” that led, among others, to the donation to San Martino Hospital.